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Celebrating our Community's work

Celebrating our Community's work

We’re nothing without our community. An open collective of like-minded thinkers, sitting alongside us on our mission to build a world where tech is fun again. 

Since the beginning, we’ve welcomed collaboration. Perspectives we may have missed. Suggestions that make our ecosystem run even smoother. We’re a continuous work-in-progress and we love the idea of working together to take our vision even further. Recently two members of our community have done just that. Developing projects that make genuine improvements to our end-users’ experience 

We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate their incredible work. 

NDot Cyrillic Font:
By endless_empathy

You’ll be familiar with NDot by now. Our unique dot matrix font, inspired by tech’s golden era, that formulates our brand logo. Also used across our Nothing OS software. As iconic as it is, some alphabets don’t lend themselves to our font choice. This led to an unusual OS experience for some system languages, where UI elements needed to utilise alternative fonts. 



One of our community members Kasia saw an opportunity to improve the experience. She spent some time familiarising herself with the existing rules of the nDot font, then, took inspiration from cyrillic railroad and airport departure screens to start the meticulous process of building out the alphabet. 

The font has already been implemented into the Nothing X app and Nothing Launcher, and will be added system-wide in our upcoming Nothing OS 1.5.4 update. Thank you, Kasia!

Ear companion app for PC
By RapidZapper and Bendix

Our Nothing X app allows users to enjoy their audio devices to the fullest. Here they can change ANC modes, adjust EQ settings, and customise gesture controls, all via Android and iOS. Our community member Thomas wanted to replicate the experience of our app, but through the lens of his desktop Windows PC.

Thomas shared his ambition for the project on the Nothing Discord and got to work on the code in the background. Along the way, he collaborated with Bendix, who took on the task of designing the app and improving the overall user interface.

After months of impressive work, their app supports our full suite of devices: Ear (1), Ear (2) and Ear (stick). Allowing almost identical functionality to Nothing X for Android and iOS. Incredible!

Named Ear (PC), the duo have uploaded their PC/Windows app to GitHub, with Mac support planned for the future.*

This app is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Nothing Technology Limited.

If you’re feeling inspired to share something or want to see what our community is getting up to on a regular basis, be sure to join our Discord Server. You’ll find all the good stuff on the #community-projects channel - discord.gg/nothingtech