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Get a first taste of Nothing OS with Nothing Launcher (Beta)

Get a first taste of Nothing OS with Nothing Launcher (Beta)

We’re excited to share Nothing Launcher (Beta) with you. The first iteration of Nothing OS. Your first taste of phone (1).

Preview graphics and animations unified by our distinctive design language, plus:

Max Icons and Max Folders: A new experience for Android. Hold and press to enlarge app folders or individual apps, so the things you use the most are more visible. Launch any app directly from your folders.

Bespoke Clock & Weather widgets: Raw tech, balanced by human warmth. These widgets use the same dot matrix font as our logo. 

Nothing Wallpaper & Style: Update your home screen with the Nothing wallpaper and matching colour palette.

There’s also bonus content you can download here:

Two more exclusive wallpapers: Two wallpapers in addition to the wallpaper in Launcher (Beta). 

Original ringtones: Try 3 custom ringtones.

Available for Samsung S21, S22, Google Pixel 5 and higher (OnePlus coming soon). 

Here’s how to get it: 

  • Step 1: Download the Nothing Launcher (Beta) via Google Play Store 
  • Step 2Go to settings > Apps > Default Apps > Default Home App
  • Step 3: Select Nothing Launcher 

We want your feedback to better your OS experience. Give improvement suggestions on our Discord server or via launcher@nothing.tech. Please include step-by-step details, phone model, OS version and screenshots/recordings so our team can replicate your experience for testing. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think,

The Nothing Team