NOTHING (R) Support Centre

After-Sales Service Process

How after-sales requests work.

Request Process

  1. Submit a product return, repair or replacement request
  2. Send your device to us
  3. We assess your device and your issue
  4. Your issue is resolved as soon as possible
Submit Request


Things you should know

  1. Please erase all your personal data and restore your device to factory settings before giving it to us.

  2. When we receive your device, we'll irreversibly remove all your data again.

  3. We will not have any access to personal data on customer devices.


During your device warranty period, Nothing will provide free repair service for the phone unless there’s any unauthorized disassembly, liquid damage, or other physical damage. The eligibility with the warranty shall be subject to the service centre inspection.

Clearing all data from your device before sending it for repair is essential to protect your personal privacy and data security. Once a factory reset is performed, all data on the device will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Therefore, make sure to back up all important information before erasing the data. If your device is unresponsive, try to complete as many steps as possible and inform the customer service of your situation before sending it for repair.

The repair process will take 3-5 working days, excluding logistics. Reminder: 1. If the product has been found to have quality issues after the repair, Nothing will cover the shipping fee. (In-Warranty)2. If the product issues were found to be man-made after the repair, the user will cover the shipping fee. (Out-of-Warranty)

Please contact Customer Support to have your device diagnosed. After this, we can give a cost estimate for the price of spare parts.

Please contact Customer Support to diagnose any issues with your device.

Please click on this link and input the required information to track the status of the repair. Note: 1. Tracking the repair status are for those who applied online; 2. Postal service only.