Let’s talk about Nothing.

Imagine a world where all of your devices are seamlessly connected. Tech that just works. That you don’t have to think about. That feels like nothing (last one, we promise).

We’re a London-based tech company on a mission to remove barriers between people and technology.

To do this, we’re crafting intuitive, flawlessly connected products that improve our lives without getting in the way.

No confusing tech-speak. No silly product names. Just artistry, passion and trust. And products we’re proud to share with our friends and family. Simple.

Because beautiful tech shouldn’t be complicated.

Nothing Roadmap


  • October

    Company Creation

    This is where our journey began, where we pressed a giant reset button and founded Nothing.

  • November

    $7M Seed Financing Round

    We raised $7m in seed financing from friends and investors who share our mission, including Tony Fadell, Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin and Steve Huffman.

  • December


    We unveiled Nothing’s mission. To remove barriers between people and technology, and create a seamless digital future.


  • January

    Nothing Raised $15M in a Series A Round Led By GV

    GV joined the Nothing mission and invested $15 million in our Series A round, propelling us forward on our journey.

  • February

    Teenage Engineering

    We unveiled Teenage Engineering as a founding partner of Nothing, with Tom and Jesper being the visionaries behind our product designs.

  • March

    $1.5 Million in 54 Seconds

    Our first community funding round only took 54 seconds, making it the fastest project to surpass $1M via crowdfunding in Europe.

  • March

    Concept 1

    Concept 1 embodies our design principles, which have guided the development of our first products over the past several months.

  • JUNE

    Keynote Announcement

    Mark your calendars. 27 July 2021 is the day we are unveiling ear (1).

  • July

    StockX Blind Drop

    StockX sells the first out of 100 limited units of ear (1) for over 1,000 USD.

  • July

    ear (1)

    This is it: ear (1) is here. Raw beauty meets precise sound for a pure sound experience.


    ear (1) carbon neutrality

    Nothing ear (1) is officially carbon neutral. This is just the start of our journey towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

Meet the Investors

  • Google Ventures

    Series A Investor

  • Steve Huffman

    CEO and Co-founder of Reddit

  • Kevin Lin

    Co-founder of Twitch

  • Josh Buckley

    CEO of Product Hunt

  • Liam Casey

    Founder and CEO, PCH

  • Paddy Cosgrave

    Founder of Web Summit

  • Casey Neistat